Effective automated therapeutic monitoring of your asthma
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About AsmaApp

We are a startup focused on fighting asthma, integrating complex systems with applications and games. Friends of the user, seeking improvements in all aspects that affect it. We are the link between the family, teachers, doctors and the child/teen/adult. We deal with the diagnosis and control of your child/teen/adult to improve their status among asthma therapies. We use several learning techniques with smart gamified systems and experiences to achieve the best results.

Advanced metrics

To be updated on the status of your child in real time. With precise, real, lexible metrics. Follow, mitigate, live.

Real time monitoring

Effective tracking for only RD $ 1,125 per month for less than $ 37 pesos per day, we assure you that in 1 year following our prescriptions your asthma will improve or you will be completely healthy for only RD $ 13,500

Improve your asthma for only US $ 299

We are automated automated cash monitoring to asthma for RD$ 13,500, a year 90% of our clients improve their asthma and 10% are completely cured

Our Team

Junior Montilla

CEO & Founder of Kitdevelop, Kitrepair, Smile, AsmaApp, BioSys, Elladodelbien.

Follow your asthma
all the time
AsmaApp turns your asthma into something simple to control, follow and consult in an easy and agile way.
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Download AsmaApp and follow your asthma to wherever you are

Effective automated therapeutic monitoring of your asthma

Our system analyzes your data in real time to give you the status of your asthma daily, monthly and annually, the best thing is that you will see all this data with a system of gamified metrics and your doctor can visualize the data with percentage, daily, monthly and annual.

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